Supplier code of conduct

Plant & Food Research has a code of conduct which it expects its suppliers to adhere to.

Plant & Food Research expects its supplier of products and services (Suppliers) to be good corporate citizens and conduct their businesses in environmentally responsible ways.

More particularly, Plant & Food Research expects its Suppliers to:

Ethical behaviour

  • manage their activities and affairs, and conduct themselves, with integrity in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards
  • not engage in any form of corruption
  • be transparent about their ethical policies and practices

Labour and human rights

  • adhere to international human rights standards in their workplace and monitor and address these standards within their supply chain
  • comply with New Zealand employment standards and maintain a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination

Health, safety and security

  • comply with workplace health and safety laws and regulations and maintain healthy and safe work environments
  • comply with any security requirements notified to them by Plant & Food Research
  • adequately protect any information, assets, tools and materials provided by Plant & Food Research and return these promptly when requested

Environmental sustainability

  • conduct their business in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and standards regarding the mitigation of impacts on, and protection of, the environment
  • work to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their environmental impacts

Corporate social responsibility

  • pay their subcontractors promptly
  • consider including local, Māori, and Pasifika businesses to deliver the contract.
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