Sustainable Production

Plant & Food Research delivers tools to industry that minimise the impacts of production systems on the environment while optimising yield, quality and economic performance.

Sustainable Production targets:

  • Complete set of measures and models for eco-verified production systems
  • Cost-efficient production systems that deliver high profitability
  • Closed production systems with inputs optimised to maximise efficiency and minimise environmental footprint

New Zealand is a niche exporter of high value foods to markets that rank among the world’s most discerning in their sensitivity to issues of quality and sustainability. Plant & Food Research develops tools and methods that allow growers to meet or exceed the world’s most stringent sustainability requirements. Our decision support tools and system models optimise water and nitrogen requirements in addition to minimising chemical inputs, dramatically reducing both the financial costs and the environmental footprint of production.

The Sustainable Production Portfolio employs science across a number of complementary disciplines including tree, vine and crop science, systems modelling, biometrics, bioengineering and soil, water and environmental sciences. The result is fully integrated systems that reduce inputs and maximise productivity throughout the supply chain.

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