Harvesting Technologies

Our research is developing new harvest methods to ensure seafood quality at catch.

Plant & Food Research is working with the seafood industry to develop technologies for aquaculture and wild catch that reduce the impact of harvest on the quality of seafood meat. We are also working with major seafood companies to modify trawling gear and methods to provide a more gentle catch and improved species selectivity, resulting in more sustainable resource management as well as significantly enhanced seafood product quality.

Plant & Food Research has developed new technologies for the aquaculture industry, including:

AQUI-S is an aquatic anaesthetic that was developed by Plant & Food Research to give flexibility and control in animal husbandry, transporting and harvesting operations. The ingredients are approved for use in foods and AQUI-S® is safe for use in food and aquarium fish. Fish that are harvested using AQUI-S® have improved flesh quality, yield and shelf life. The use of AQUI-S® during the transportation of live fish and during health management practices lowers stress and reduces mortality.

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