Key Crops

Our research focuses on fruit, vegetable, arable and ornamental crops of importance to New Zealand.

The horticultural industry must continue to innovate to meet consumer demands for quality, taste and visual appeal, while remaining competitive in the global marketplace. Our breeding programmes are targeted to meet these needs, focusing on traits of importance for both consumer and producer to develop new, novel cultivars.

Our genomics research seeks to identify the molecular controls of traits of interest, and to use this information to inform breeding programmes. We are a member of several global genome sequencing and mapping projects, working with other research organisations worldwide to understand the genetic blueprint of crops of interest. We also hold patents for a number of key plant genes and genomic technologies.

The main targets for our breeding programmes include:

  • Producer traits
    • Yield
    • Environmental adaptability
    • Pest and disease resistance
    • Postharvest storage
    • Seasonality
    • Processing quality
  • Consumer traits
    • Quality
    • Flavour and aroma
    • Texture
    • Colour
    • Health
    • Convenience.
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