Plant & Food Research develops pheromones and other compounds for the monitoring and management of key insect pests.

The Desire® pheromone traps and lures are specially designed open-ended traps containing a pheromone lure to attract males and a sticky base to capture them. The traps are useful for monitoring pest activity and numbers, as well as determining which species are present in an area, to inform spraying activity required or delimit new pest incursions.

Pheromone traps and lures have been designed for a number of plant pests, including:

  • Codling moth
  • Lightbrown apple moth
  • Green-headed leafrollers
  • Brown-headed leafrollers
  • Oriental fruit moth
  • Black lyre moth
  • Tomato fruit worm
  • Potato tuber moth
  • Red banded mango caterpillar
  • Tropical grass webworm
  • Guava moth
  • Gum Leaf skeletoniser
  • Thrips.

The Isomate™ pheromone mating disruption dispensers are controlled release formulations containing synthetic pheromones identical to the natural pheromones of insect pests. The dispenser releases pheromones at a rate 10,000 times higher than that of a female moth, overloading the male’s receptors so it no longer recognises and responds to pheromone signals, and creating a pheromone “fog” that prevents males from finding female pheromone trails.

Isomate™ dispensers have been developed for a range of targets including:

  • Codling moth
  • Oriental fruit moth
  • Lightbrown apple moth
  • Native leafrollers.
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