Biological Controls

Plant & Food Research develops new microbial biological control agents to replace traditional chemical methods of controlling plant disease.

Our researchers identify and develop biocontrol agents based on natural enemies of insect pests, microbial control agents and natural compounds. Our biocontrol agents are designed to minimise environmental impact.

Microbial Control Agents

  • DRH CI™ - a coarse preparation of Trichoderma used as an inoculant for compost or bark-based potting mixes to increase the biological activity of soil. It can also be mixed with water for use as a dip to coat and inoculate rooted plantlets.
  • DRH F™ - a fine water-dispersible powder preparation of Trichoderma for field spraying or soil applications to increase biological activity of the soil. 
  • DRH™ - DRH CI combined with a cereal-based nutrient source for application to composts, mulches and soils, to improve the number of naturally occurring, biologically active fungi associated with the roots of field crops.  
  • Blossom Bless™ - a wettable powder containing a bacterium (Pantoea agglomerans P10c) preparation for foliar application to pipfruit flowers for use as protection against fire blight infection.
  • BOTRY-Zen® - a water dispersible formulation containing the fungus Ulocladium oudemansii for foliar spray application to grapes, black currants, ornamental flowers to control Botrytis cinerea or to kiwifruit for the control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
  • ARMOUR-Zen® - a soluble chitosan formulation applied as a foliar spray to grapes to control Botrytis cinerea.  

Agrichemical Products

  • TIPIT™ Pruning Gel and Actin™ - a gel formulation of 1 naphthylacetic acid (NAA) for application to cut shoots of kiwifruit vines during spring and summer to control re-growth. 
  • Vigilant® - a ready-to-use gel formulation of the herbicide picloram potassium salt for application to cut stems or foliar application to control invasive weed species selectively. 
  • Garrison NF™ - a ready-to-use paste containing the fungicide cyproconazole for brush application to pruning wounds on pomefruit, stone fruit and ornamental trees to reduce the incidence of wound-invading diseases, including silverleaf on stone fruit and European canker on apple.
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