Products & Systems

Our research develops sustainable pest and disease management technologies.

Ensuring borders are protected from invasive pests and diseases, and having effective systems for managing those pests and diseases already present, is vital for the horticultural industry to meet the demands of the global marketplace.

Systems developed by our Bioprotection Portfolio emphasise an integrated approach to pest and disease management that takes into account the whole production lifecycle of horticultural crops. We develop tools and technologies that encourage monitoring to determine whether pest and disease thresholds have been exceeded, and give preference to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable methods.

Our researchers develop new methods of controlling pests and diseases, investigating host resistance, novel biological agents and natural enemies such as predators or parasitoids to control pests. Through knowledge of the climate and an understanding of epidemiology, plant diseases can be better managed. We contribute to the protection of national borders through the development of improved risk assessment methods, diagnostics, surveillance and eradication techniques, as well as alternative or improved disinfestation methods.

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