Commercialisation & Collaboration

Plant & Food Research works with industry and research partners worldwide to understand key pests and diseases affecting horticultural products.

We work closely with industry and regulatory bodies worldwide to ensure the horticultural industry is technically prepared to deal with new or existing pest incursions that can restrict trade markets. We work with our partners to understand the best methods of managing pests and diseases while reducing pesticide residues on exports.

We work with a range of key industry partners including:

  • Agrichemical companies
  • Industry bodies
  • Major growers and grower organisations
  • Stakeholders in Methyl Bromide Reduction (STIMBR).

We also have links with key government and policy agencies such as MAF Biosecurity New Zealand and the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA).

Our scientific collaborations allow us to understand the ecology and behaviour of pests and pathogens, and provide vital knowledge and resources. Our scientific collaborators include:

  • Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia, Australia
  • Scion, New Zealand
  • AgResearch, New Zealand
  • Landcare Research, New Zealand
  • National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), New Zealand 
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), USA
  • Institut Agronomique Néo-Calédonien (IAC), New Caledonia
  • Southern Fruit Research Institute (SOFRI), Vietnam
  • National Centre for Advanced Bioprotection, New Zealand
  • Plant Research International (PRI), Netherlands
  • CRC Plant Biosecurity, Australia
  • Linnaeus University, Sweden.
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