Our Research is organised across five portfolios :

Breeding & Genomics

Building knowledge of key traits at the molecular level to inform the development of new elite cultivars.


Effective control of pest and disease to protect export market access.

Sustainable Production

Systems that increase efficiency and retain quality across the supply chain.

Food Innovation

Identifying intrinsic health benefits in natural produce to develop new foods and beverages.

Seafood Technologies

Optimising the value and quality of seafood and aquaculture.

Our Research

Our research enables our industry partners to produce more and better food with reduced environmental impacts and fewer inputs. We work with our partners to optimise each step of the food production supply chain, from field or sea through to consumer, maximising value, increasing efficiencies in resource allocation, and providing innovation in designing new, novel foods.

In all cases, we integrate science across production, manufacturing, distribution and marketing platforms, combining market insight with a deep and fundamental understanding of the biological potential of our food resources. We work with our partners to identify market opportunities and address issues to meet their targets. Our research enables food producers, manufacturers and exporters to supply and market fresh and processed foods successfully that meet consumer needs according to well-defined global food trends – health, sustainability, convenience, novelty and sensory appeal.

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