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Dr Daryl Rowan
Science Group Leader, Biological Chemistry & Bioactives
Food Innovation

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Dr Daryl Rowan


BSc (Hons), Chemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand
PhD, Synthetic Chemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand

Research Interests & Activities

Metabolomics for understanding plant metabolism and responses to environmental and biotic stresses. Biomarkers to measure ‘health’ in humans and in animal disease models. Volatile biosynthesis and diversity in fruit. Identification novel natural products.

International Collaboration

RIKEN Plant Science Center, USDA-ARS Wenatchee

Honours & Awards

2010 Invited speaker, ‘Postharvest Unlimited’, Washington State, USA
2006 Invited speaker, ‘Int. Conf. Nutrigenomics and Gut Health’, Auckland, New Zealand
2006 - 2010 Research Associate, The University of Auckland
1999, 1990, 1986, Trimble Agricultural Trust Travel Fellowships 1999 Visitor, University of Minnesota, USA
1993 - 2001 Research Associate, Massey University
1991 Ministerial Science Commendation
1986 Fullbright Travel Fellowship
1975 - 1978 UGC Postgraduate Research Scholarship
1974 Mellor Price for Chemistry

Professional Memberships

Member, Metabolomics Society
Member, NZ Institute of Chemistry
Member, American Chemical Society

Key Publications

Espley R, Bovy A, Bava C, Jaeger S, Tomes S, Norling C, Crawford J, Rowan D, McGhie T, Brendolise C, Putterill J, Schouten H, Hellens R, Allan A 2012. Analysis of genetically modified red-fleshed apples reveals effects on growth and consumer attributes. Plant Biotechnology J. 11 (4):408-419.
Matich AJ, McKenzie MJ, Lill R, McGhie TK, Chen RK-Y, Rowan DD 2012. New selenoglucosinolates and their metabolites produced in Brassica sp. fertilised with sodium selenate. Phytochemistry 75: 140–152.
Lin H-M, Edmunds SJ, Zhu S, Helsby NA, Ferguson LR Rowan DD 2011. Metabolomic analysis reveals differences in urinary excretion of kiwifruit-derived metabolites in a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 55(12): 1900–1904.
Otter D, Cao M, Lin H-M, Fraser K, Lane L, Rowan D 2011. Identification of urinary biomarkers of colon inflammation in IL10-/- mice using short-column LCMS metabolomics. J. Biomedicine and . Biotechnology 1-12.
Lin H-M, Barnett M, Roy N, Joyce NI, Zhu Z, Kelly A, Helsby N, Ferguson L, Rowan DD 2010. Metabolomic analysis identifies inflammatory and non-inflammatory metabolic effects of genetic modification in a mouse model of Crohn's disease. J. Proteome Research 9: 1965–1975.
Rowan DD, Hunt MB, Dimouro A, Alspach PA, Weskett R, Volz RK, Gardiner SE, Chagné D 2009. Profiling fruit volatiles in the progeny of a ‘Royal Gala’ × ‘Granny Smith’ apple (Malus x domestica) cross. J. Agric. Food Chem. 57: 7953–7961.
Rowan DD, Cao M, Hunt MB, Austin PT, Norling CL, Cooney JM, Jensen DJ, Hellens RP, Lin-Wang K, Schaffer RJ, Allan AC 2009. Environmental regulation of leaf colour in red 35S:PAP1 Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 182: 102–115.
Matich AJ, Rowan DD 2007. Pathway analysis of branched-chain ester biosynthesis in apple using deuterium labelling and enantioselective GC-MS. J Agric Food Chem. 55: 2727–2735

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