Food Innovation Portfolio

A team of five science groups with a total of more than 130 science staff, the Food Innovation Portfolio has three primary targets. Our first target is to develop premium whole fresh foods for nutrition and health (fruit, vegetable and arable crops) from exclusive proprietary cultivars that secure competitive advantage. This is our traditional business but with an enhanced wellness focus to meet new consumer trends. There will be increased feedback from food and beverage research to enhance breeding of new cultivars for whole fresh foods.

Secondly, we develop new food and beverage ingredients (from specialist fruit, vegetable and arable crops) based on knowledge of nutrition, health and consumers.  New exclusive proprietary cultivars will be developed specifically for higher concentrations of active ingredients. Thirdly, we are investigating new food and beverage concepts based on these ingredients and developed in partnership with food companies.

The value proposition for our customers is - exclusive new fresh whole foods developed from proprietary cultivars to allow control of supply into premium, niche markets; exclusive new high-value ingredients developed from proprietary cultivars to allow control of supply into premium, niche markets; designs for new foods and beverages based on these ingredients and consumer and wellness knowledge; and growth in value of exports, profitability, wealth creation and enhanced productivity from land-based industries.

Dr Jocelyn Eason, GM Science Food Innovation
TC Chadderton, Operations Manager

Biological Chemistry & Bioactives
Dr Daryl Rowan, Science Group Leader

Consumer & Product Insights
Dr Roger Harker, Science Group Leader

Food & Bioproducts Technology
Dr Kevin Sutton, Science Group Leader

Food, Nutrition & Health
Dr Pramod Gopal, Science Group Leader

Postharvest Fresh Foods
Dr Jason Johnston, Science Group Leader

Allan Main, Business Manager
Carl Massarotto, Business Manager
Christian Pena, Business Manager
Brendan Vercoe,Commercial Development Manager