New Cultivar Innovation Portfolio

New Cultivar Innovation has five science groups structured around a product development pipeline.  It spans a range of disciplines from basic laboratory research to applied field trials. It also includes the Institute’s research orchards and farms from Kerikeri in the North to Gore in the South.

Outputs from the portfolio include new proprietary plant varieties, genes, scientific papers, knowledge and well trained people.

Dr Zac Hanley, General Manager Science
Dr Stuart Kay, Operations Manager (annual crops, Farm Research Network)
Cath Kingston, Operations Manager (tree crops)
Marisa Till, Operations Manager (kiwifruit)
Dr Kevin Davies, Science Leader

Annual Crops
Dr Samantha Baldwin, Science Group Leader

Kiwifruit New Cultivars
Dr Sarah Pilkington, Science Group Leader

Molecular & Digital Breeding
Dr David Chagné, Science Group Leader

Premium Crops & Technologies
Ed Morgan, Science Group Leader

Tree Crops
Dr Vincent Bus, Science Group Leader

Dr Antonia Miller, Business Manager
Dr Isabel Moller, Business Manager
Aisling O'Hagan, Business Manager
Juanita Dunn, Business Manager

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