Our People are the key to building a commercially successful science organisation

New Cultivar Innovation

breeding, genomics, molecular biology, bioinformatics


entomology, plant pathology, molecular biology, biosecurity, insect behaviour

Sustainable Production

soil and water science, systems modelling, biometrics, plant science, engineering, environmental science

Food Innovation

biochemistry, consumer science, sensory science, neuroscience, food technology, human nutrition

Seafood Technologies

marine science, biochemistry, microbiology, fish physiology, material engineering


operations, relationship management, business development, finance, human resources, marketing communications, IP management

Our People

Plant & Food Research has 14 sites across New Zealand as well as staff based in Australia, Europe and the USA. The company is active worldwide through a network of scientific collaborations, business partnerships and fee for service contracts.

Our researchers are organised across five interdisciplinary Portfolios with specialist skills so we can best deliver quality science for our industry and research partners. Each Portfolio is led by a General Manager of Science and supported by a Portfolio Manager. Business and administration support is provided across the company by a strong corporate team.

To find out more about working at Plant & Food Research, please go to our Careers section.

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