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Breeding Psa resistant kiwifruit

The future of the kiwifruit industry is reliant on a new variety that is resistant to Psa, coupled with effective control methods. We have now added Psa resistance to its requirements for a new cultivar coming through the kiwifruit breeding programme.


Dr Mark Goodwin talks about the importance bees and pollination have on our lives.

Rubus berry breeding programme

Demand for berryfruit with high levels of health-promoting antioxidants is causing a global expansion in the berry industry.

Dr David Pattemore

Dr David Pattemore, a pollination scientist at Plant & Food Research's Ruakura site, talks about his career.

Sequencing the Potato Genome

A short video explaining the work of the Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium (PGSC), an international team of scientists including Plant & Food Research, and the research recently published in Nature.

Apple Futures: Sustainability in New Zealand Apple

The Apple Futures programme, initiated in 2008, incorporates pest monitoring, disease models and biological controls to reduce chemical residues on New Zealand-grown apples. Over 65% of New Zealand apple exports are now produced under the programme.

Dr Max Suckling

Biosecurity Science Group Leader Dr Max Suckling shares an insight into his career in science.

Dr Jim Walker

Dr Jim Walker, Scientist in the Pipfruit & Winegrape Entomology team at Plant & Food Research, talks about his career in Entomology and his work with the IPM programme.

Dr Louise Malone

Dr Louise Malone, Scientist in the Bioprotection Portfolio at Plant & Food Research, talks about her career in applied entomology.

Pea flower colour discovery

Plant & Food Research scientists have helped discover the key to one of biology's most well-known experiments -- the gene that controls pea flower colour, used by Mendel in his initial studies of inheritance.

Dr Roger Hellens

Dr Roger Hellens, Science Group Leader at Plant & Food Research, talks about his career in plant genomics.

Sara R Jaeger

Sara R Jaeger, prinicipal scientist and team leader for the Sensory and Consumer Science team at Plant & Food Research talks about her career.

Armoured scale insect initial scale cap construction - latania scale on a kiwifruit leaf

Time lapse video showing the first 14 hours in the construction of a scale cap by a latania scale insect.

Blackcurrant breeding plots at Waipuna farm

Blackcurrants are an important crop for New Zealand and feature in several Plant & Food Research programmes investigating their considerable health benefits.

Richard Espley - Revealing Red Flesh

Developing new tools for breeding novel coloured apples with high health attributes - A video presentation for the 2009 MacDiarmid Awards by Dr Richard Espley.

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