New Catalyst projects funded

7 September 2017

Plant & Food Research has received funding for four new projects through the Catalyst Fund: Seeding.

The projects are

  • Integration of primary host finding stimuli for phytophageous insects; re-evaluating the role of colour in the presence of odour, led by Dr David Teulon with collaborators in Sweden, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany and Colombia
  • Novel Marine Collagens for Bio-medical applications, led by Dr Kathleen Hofman with collaborators in the UK
  • Cryopreserving Horticultural Crop Genetic Diversity for Future Proofing the Industry, led by Dr Ranjith Pathirana with collaborators in the USA
  • Printable Electronics for Smart Packaging, led by Dr Jonghyun Choi with collaborators in Finland.

The Catalyst Fund: Seeding, funded by MBIE and adminstered by the Royal Society of New Zealand, facilitates new small and medium pre-research strategic partnerships.

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