What’s in the building now and how is it changing?

The Hamilton Building is a multipurpose facility with a mix of laboratory, office and conference room spaces. The redevelopment is set to upgrade these spaces with improved facilities and work areas.

The Cunningham Building has previously been home to Plant & Food Research’s HR, IT, Communications and Design & Photography teams. Following the redevelopment, the building will become the heart of the Campus with large cafe space and meeting rooms.

What’s the building used for?

The Hamilton Building includes biology and chemistry lab spaces used to carry out research designed to support New Zealand’s horticultural and food industries. The ground floor is currently home to the largest Sensory & Consumer Science facility in the Southern Hemisphere, used to inform our fruit and vegetable breeding programmes and to support the development of new food products.

Why does the redevelopment work need to be done?

Both buildings involved in the redevelopment work are in need of significant maintenance and remediation work. The decision to invest in the facilities was made to provide a range of improved working environments for Plant & Food Research staff and visitors. 

The research and development that takes place on the MARC site supports the economic, social and environmental prosperity of New Zealand's horticulture, arable, seafood, and food and beverage industry sectors. More information can be found in our SCI or Annual Report.

Who is doing the work?

Plant & Food Research’s project delivery partner is Arrow International. Arrow International is a project delivery company that plans, manages and builds capital works projects. 

We are also working with Xigo Project Management, who will be responsible for managing the activities of consultants and the lead building contractor. 

Our architects for the project are Auckland-based firm, Bossley Architects, who also worked closly with Labworks Architecture for the specialist design of the lab spaces within the redevelopment project.

Are the any health risks?

The building contains asbestos, which will be removed as part of the refurbishment by specialist contractors using specialised procedures reviewed and approved by an expert consultant.

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