Example projects

Listed below are the 2015/2016 project titles:

  • Phytohormonal responses to agrichemical application and pathogen attack in kiwifruit
  • Fish Nutrition
  • Development of an IP Landscape for the Bee/Pollination area
  • Optics for Produce
  • Visualisation of Fruit Ordors
  • Investigation of web-based knowledge on biosecurity risks from China
  • The effect of transmitter attachment on bumblebee behaviours
  • Entomology
  • Scaling Kiwifruit Chemistry Data Capture and Analytics
  • Field Correlations of PSA inoculations in kiwifruit: lab or orchard, are we measuring different traits?
  • Assessing the role of a kiwifruit MYB transcription factor in controlling carotenoid accumulation in fruit.
  • Investigating the role of spoil microbiology for the occurrence of water repellency
  • Revolutionary Orchard Systems in Summerfruit
  • RACER™ Devices
  • The chemistry and ecology of taramea, Ngai Tahu's treasured scent
  • Assessing the seafood research and development support requirements of Maori entities in a post-treaty settlement environment.
  • Turning sunlight into kiwifruit
  • How background fibre intake influences response of gut microbiota to food
  • Myrtle Rust continued
  • BPA 153 EcoShark2
  • BPA 152 EcoShark1
  • BPA 109 AFL fisheries by-product/oil fish assessment
  • Elucidation of molecular responses in kiwifruit that are associated with resistance to bacterial canker (Spa)
  • Developing Scalable data capture solutions for a genotype database
  • Chemical Communications Software Development



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