Kiriana Isgrove

Kiriana Isgrove

"My name is Kiriana Isgrove and I have just completed a Bachelors degree in biological and environmental sciences. In 2015 I will begin my MSc and the next stage of my education journey. I'm from a small town called Turua and I first became interested in science because of an early love for innovation and I believe developments in science are critical for almost every issues the world faces today.  I plan on following a career path where I can make the world a better place, with my passion:  genetics.

During my Plant & Food Research studentship project I am developing a simple molecular method that will detect whether an avocado fruitlet is cross or self pollinated as early as possible. Having this method available will not only give more information about the fruit quality for export, but it will also give more insight into the patterns of cross pollination within an orchard. 

Throughout my summer student position, I hope to learn valuable practical techniques required for my future in science, as well as understanding the opportunities available in employment with a Crown Research Institute. My experience with Plant & Food Research to date has been phenomenal. I have met many talented and friendly people within the apiculture group at Ruakura and this makes me excited to extend my networks and make further relationships which I'm sure will be priceless in the future.

I believe sharing education across international borders is crucial for the future of science, and I have been extremely fortunate to achieve a position as part of a short volunteer expedition in South America in January 2015. As part of my expedition I will be doing horticultural conservation work on the Galapagos Islands, and a tour through the Amazon with a senior biological scientist."

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