Megan Jones

How I got here 

After a varied career as a librarian in different countries I’ve settled in Auckland recently embarked on a career change in a new role in science administration at PFR. 2013 I enrolled in Master of Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship at University of Auckland Business School to progress my new career in science from administration to business management. I have a Post Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Studies from Victoria University and Bachelor of Social Sciences from Waikato University.

Why I like working at Plant & Food Research

My role as Business Support Associate in Bioprotection I get involved in a wide range of activities including - assisting in contracting with clients, ironing out legal issues with our in house Lawyers, discuss risk assessments with project leaders, participate in reviews of Intellectual Property and Freedom to Operate aspects in new projects, and look after the agreements for students that our staff supervise.

My personal highlight working at Plant & Food Research

It’s particularly satisfying to read about the good work we do in News and to know that in some small behind-the-scenes way, I helped with that.

My work has an impact on our industries by

I feel like I make a valuable difference when I can help PFR get contracts signed off, assist scientists with the admin so they can get on with science, get students signed up so that they can graduate & participate in research for PFR, all these things impact on industry.

What I love about my job is

Getting to talk to our scientists about the interesting and incredibly broad range of research done at PFR.

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