Stephen Griffiths

Research Field Manager, Lincoln

How I got here

I was born and raised in Geraldine and bailed out of school before my 16th birthday. I worked on a high country station on the shores of Lake Pukaki, with stunning views of Mount Cook and the lake before taking up a role on a mixed sheep cropping farm near Geraldine. After a number of years I spent 3 years globetrotting based in the UK, working for farmers/contractors and travelling whenever finances permitted. I returned to Geraldine and my previous role for the next 20 something years where Rose and I raised our family. I perfected my skills in all areas of the arable industry. I was really only testing the water with my limited skill set by applying for this role. Much to the surprise of me and my family here we are now. The time was right for change. After a settling in period of 12 months and changes to the way the farm runs now. I just love coming to work every day to see what science and the weather will throw at me next.

Why I like working at Plant & Food Research

I love working for Plant and Food because there is such a diverse range of research projects going on that the average person never gets to see. I am always learning about something new. Having supportive managers, I feel privileged to have this role with the biggest outdoor, indoor office of anyone.

My personal highlight working at Plant & Food Research

It is very rewarding to see harvest completed every year with sound science and commercial outcomes. Completing irrigation changes for better water application methods. Securing a 12 year lease on the 125 ha Lincoln University cropping farm. Working with other research and farmers in the area. Hosting the famous Lincoln form lunch the last working day before Christmas every year over the last 20 years and meeting new staff. Taking new PFR staff and visitors on Farm tours and showing the diverse range of what we do.

My work has an impact on our industries by

helping science deliver quality out comes that have positive environmental change that effects everyone. Increasing yields and better quality products through breeding and research. Help give confidence to collaborate with a wide range of science partners.

What I love about my job is

Leading a FRN team that is motivated and understands the importance of delivering quality service as timely as possible. The interaction I have with a wide range of managers, science, technical staff and the friends I have made. Coming from a commercial farming background 20 years ago this role still gives me great pleasure, seeing how Plant and food research helps lift production of New Zealand farms.

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