Peter Welch

How I got here

Dip Hort; B Hort Massey University, New Zealand. Former shareholder and Manager of a special partnership 50 ha pipfruit, summerfruit & kiwifruit orchard and prior to that a working partner of a 35ha pipfruit & kiwifruit orchard in the Hawkes Bay.

Why I like working at Plant & Food Research

Plant & Food Research is a great place to work, with dedicated researchers devoted to supporting our New Zealand primary industries. My job gives me the opportunity to work with many highly skilled professionals from around the world and to contribute to the pipfruit industry and its diversification both locally and internationally. I enjoy and respect the high level of autonomy afforded me in my role, including financial planning, husbandry in association with the user groups and staff management.

My personal highlight working at Plant & Food Research

The level of independence permitted and the involvement in associated areas of the Hawke's Bay FRN is a regular highlight – being involved with planning and purchasing land and managing the cycling of the land areas to accommodate a constantly changing demand, especially enabling some areas of green cropping to maintain soil structure integrity.

My work has an impact on our industries by

Being part of a breeding programme focusing on exportability and resistance that benefits the whole pip fruit industry by reducing interventionist horticulture. Keeping relevant and connected to the industry Plant & Food Research supports and is part of.

What I love about my job is

The chance to be actively involved and participate with the progression and development of new varieties whether for taste, flavour etc or for resistance to predominant pipfruit diseases and also to contribute where possible to evolving new tree physiology and to see these become part of the commercial export landscape. To be part of a wide spread team as in the FRN where the skill base is highly developed and communication is open and accessible over many varied crops and associated facets is a huge privilege and something not offered in many other work roles in the horticulture business.

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