The development of Amarasate

Amarasate is the result of research looking at natural extracts that could trigger a satiety response

Amarasate® was identified as part of the government-funded research Foods for Appetite Control programme. This research programme, which began in 2010, aimed to identify plant extracts that triggered a satiety response in humans and could be developed as a food or ingredient to control appetite.

Amarasate was one of 900 plant extracts screened in the laboratory. The science team were particularly interested in extracts that could produce a potent response at low concentrations suitable for use as a food ingredient or nutraceutical.

Amarasate, a natural extract from a hop cultivar bred by Plant & Food Research and grown exclusively in New Zealand, was identified as a potent stimulator of the "bitter brake" mechanism.

A series of human clinical trials are underway to determine how Amarasate can best support people who wish to manage their food intake.

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