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Plant & Food Research works with vineyards and wineries to better understand the relationship between viticultural practices and wine, developing new tools for vineyard management and greater understanding of consumer preferences. Click our brochure to find out how.


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Click the factcards below to find out how more about our research and how Plant & Food Research is supporting the industries we work with.

Water Footprinting

Factcard: Water Footprinting

Environmental footprints have become the new measure of sustainability. Click to find out how our scientists are leading the way in the development of new techniques and methods for measuring water use in the production chain and quantifying water footprints.

Predicting Grape Yields

Factcard: Predicting Grape Yields

Click to see how our viticulture knowledge is providing new tools to help growers make better management decisions than ever before.

Understanding Wine Flavours

Factcard: Understanding Wine Flavours

Our science is developing new methods of predicting consumer demand and the tools to help your business deliver what your clients want. Click to find out how.

Residue-free Vine protection

Factcard: Residue-free Vine protection

Sustainable viticulture is no longer a niche market, it's an essential part of any premium wine brand. Click to find out how our scientists are helping growers reduce the use of chemical controls for pest and disease, saving time, money and the vineyard environment.

Mechanical Thinning

Factcard: Mechanical Thinning

Our science is helping growers to optimise vineyard productivity while reducing inputs. Click to find out more aboutour mechanical thinning trials.

Growing Futures - Optimising vineyard yield

Factcard: Growing Futures - Optimising vineyard yield

Our research, supported by New Zealand Winegrowers, allows growers to predict winegrape yield and thin their vines to make sure they can harvest the exact amount required. This in turn gives each grape the right amount of space to mature and develop the classic New Zealand Sauvignon blanc flavours.

Te Kete Ahumara

Factcard: Te Kete Ahumara

Te Kete Ahumara is a new website created to provide a comprehensive information directory for both established and new Maori businesses involved in food production.

Growing Futures - Predicting Grape Yield

Factcard: Growing Futures - Predicting Grape Yield

Grape production can vary by 50% year on year; however, estimating the volume of wine for sale on an annual basis can allow the industry to fine-tune its production and marketing efforts to maximise profitability.

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