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Plant & Food Research is delivering to the seafood industry new systems and protocols for premium seafood production, enhanced seafood safety and alternative processing options for added value. Click our brochure to find out how.


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Click the factcards below to find out how more about our research and how Plant & Food Research is supporting the industries we work with.

Premium Seafood Production

Factcard: Premium Seafood Production

Premium is no longer simply about what comes out of the sea but about what happens to the catch throughout the value chain. Our research is developing new technologies to optimise both the quality and value of products as well as cost saving methods to achieve more from less.

Growing Futures - Adding value to hoki

Factcard: Growing Futures - Adding value to hoki

Our research is taking the skins of hoki, a by-product of the seafood industry, and extracting the intact collagen for use in industrial biomaterials, including electrospinning into nanofibres used in the air filters of home ventilation systems.

Te Kete Ahumara

Factcard: Te Kete Ahumara

Te Kete Ahumara is a new website created to provide a comprehensive information directory for both established and new Maori businesses involved in food production.

Growing Futures - Wildfish Harvesting

Factcard: Growing Futures - Wildfish Harvesting

The Modular Harvesting System (MHS) is a prototype system that uses an understanding of the physical, physiological and behavioural aspects of fish to target specific species and fish sizes, as well as enabling fish to be landed alive and undamaged.

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