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Plant & Food Research is involved in all aspects of the horticulture industry, from breeding new cultivars and addressing pest and disease challenges to enhancing sustainability and postharvest storage. Click our brochure to find out how.


Our Factcards

Click the factcards below to find out how more about our research and how Plant & Food Research is supporting the industries we work with.

Apple Futures

Factcard: Apple Futures

Apple Futures is a revolutionary integrated pest management programme designed to help NZ apples meet the phytosanitary checks in the world's toughest markets over more than 65 countries globally. Click to find out how.

Integrated Pest Management

Factcard: Integrated Pest Management

Phytosanitary issues are a bigger threat to international fresh produce trade than ever before, yet consumer demand and regulatory authorities are calling for reductions in chemical residues. Click to see how our non-chemical controls are helping growers meet the world's strictest requirements.

Integrated Fruit Production

Factcard: Integrated Fruit Production

Premium produce is about more than harvesting the best fruit; increasingly it is about delivering high quality produce from premium production systems. Our science provides growers the tools to optimise inputs, maximise outputs and ensure sustainability. Click to find out more.

The Wakefield Raspberry

Factcard: The Wakefield Raspberry

'Wakefield' is a new red raspberry cultivar with improved disease resistance and firm fruit perfect for the machine harvest. Click to find out more.

Potato Breeding

Factcard: Potato Breeding

Our research has supported the potato industry for more than 80 years. Click to find out how.

Psa Research

Factcard: Psa Research

Plant & Food Research is working alongside the kiwifruit industry to minimise the impact of Psa and to ensure the industry remains sustainable in the future. Click to see how.

Plant & Food Research - English-Chinese

Factcard: Plant & Food Research - English-Chinese

Plant & Food Research is involved in research all over the world. This factcard provides a general overview of the company along with a Chinese translation.

Growing Futures - Using sex to protect export markets

Factcard: Growing Futures - Using sex to protect export markets

Our scientists have identified the natural chemicals released by the females of key insect species to attract their mates. By combining them into a single dispenser, these chemicals can be released into an orchard to confuse the males of multiple pest species and stop them finding their future spouse.

Kiwiberry - The bite-sized kiwifruit

Factcard: Kiwiberry - The bite-sized kiwifruit

Kiwiberry is a species of kiwifruit that produces small, sweet fruit with edible skins designed to meet the convenience needs of today�s consumers while still delivering the same great taste and nutrition.

Te Kete Ahumara

Factcard: Te Kete Ahumara

Te Kete Ahumara is a new website created to provide a comprehensive information directory for both established and new Maori businesses involved in food production.

Summerfruit Breeding

Factcard: Summerfruit Breeding

Our summerfruit breeding programme is delivering consumers new and novel tastes and textures while ensuring cultivars meet and exceed the production needs of growers. Click to find out how!

Sustainable Land Use Research Initiative

Factcard: Sustainable Land Use Research Initiative

SLURI is a collaborative research programme between Plant & Food Research, Landcare Research and AgResearch. It works with key stakeholders and other research organisations to conduct research on the sustainable management and use of soil resources, and develops new tools for regulators and land managers.

Postharvest Science

Factcard: Postharvest Science

Our science works to optimise the value of fruit and vegetable crops worldwide by developing systems and technologies that ensure premium quality and presentation are maintained throughout the cool chain.

Land Use Change & Intensification

Factcard: Land Use Change & Intensification

Enabling land users and policy makers to better assess and manage impacts associated with land use change and intensification on agricultural productivity and the environment.

Growing Futures - The Tomato-Potato Psyllid

Factcard: Growing Futures - The Tomato-Potato Psyllid

The tomato-potato psyllid, an insect pest that can carry a disease-causing bacterium, was discovered in New Zealand in 2006 and has since spread across the entire country. Our science is saving growers more than $1 million p.a. Click to find our how.

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