Our Brochures

Click the brochures below to find out how more about our research and how Plant & Food Research is supporting the horticulture, wine, food and seafood industries.


Brochure: Horticulture

Plant & Food Research is involved in all aspects of the horticulture industry, from breeding new cultivars and addressing pest and disease challenges to enhancing sustainability and postharvest storage. Click our brochure to find out how.


Brochure: Seafood

Plant & Food Research is delivering to the seafood industry new systems and protocols for premium seafood production, enhanced seafood safety and alternative processing options for added value. Click our brochure to find out how.

Food Innovation

Brochure: Food Innovation

Plant & Food Research carries out research to discover the natural goodness in foods, developing new functional ingredients and food concepts as well as examining consumer perceptions and experiences. Click our brochure to find out how.


Brochure: Wine

Plant & Food Research works with vineyards and wineries to better understand the relationship between viticultural practices and wine, developing new tools for vineyard management and greater understanding of consumer preferences. Click our brochure to find out how.


Brochure: Cropping

Plant & Food Research breeds and selects new cereal and brassica cultivars with improved agronomic traits as well as characteristics of importance to the food and animal feed industry. Our science helps address pest and disease challenges and enhance sustainability. Click our brochure to find out how.


Our Factcards

Click the factcards below to find out how more about our research and how Plant & Food Research is supporting the industries we work with.

Premium Seafood Production

Factcard: Premium Seafood Production

Premium is no longer simply about what comes out of the sea but about what happens to the catch throughout the value chain. Our research is developing new technologies to optimise both the quality and value of products as well as cost saving methods to achieve more from less.

Apple Futures

Factcard: Apple Futures

Apple Futures is a revolutionary integrated pest management programme designed to help NZ apples meet the phytosanitary checks in the world's toughest markets over more than 65 countries globally. Click to find out how.

Integrated Pest Management

Factcard: Integrated Pest Management

Phytosanitary issues are a bigger threat to international fresh produce trade than ever before, yet consumer demand and regulatory authorities are calling for reductions in chemical residues. Click to see how our non-chemical controls are helping growers meet the world's strictest requirements.

Water Footprinting

Factcard: Water Footprinting

Environmental footprints have become the new measure of sustainability. Click to find out how our scientists are leading the way in the development of new techniques and methods for measuring water use in the production chain and quantifying water footprints.

Integrated Fruit Production

Factcard: Integrated Fruit Production

Premium produce is about more than harvesting the best fruit; increasingly it is about delivering high quality produce from premium production systems. Our science provides growers the tools to optimise inputs, maximise outputs and ensure sustainability. Click to find out more.

Exercise Recovery

Factcard: Exercise Recovery

Everyone wants to feel like they've worked out, but no-one wants to suffer. Click to see how our science is uncovering new natural ways to speed up exercise recovery.

Mental Performance

Factcard: Mental Performance

We're all under pressure; at home and at work. Click to find out how our research is discovering new natural functional food compounds to enhance mental performance.

Gut Health

Factcard: Gut Health

Gastrointestinal issues are uncomfortable, embarrassing ans highly personal. Find out how our research is helping develop new foods to improve gut health and better manage digestion disorders.


Factcard: Satiety

Everyone has experienced the feeling of 'being full', but few stop to ask what makes them feel that way. Click to see how our research is examining satiety mechanism throughout the digestive process.

Predicting Grape Yields

Factcard: Predicting Grape Yields

Click to see how our viticulture knowledge is providing new tools to help growers make better management decisions than ever before.

Understanding Wine Flavours

Factcard: Understanding Wine Flavours

Our science is developing new methods of predicting consumer demand and the tools to help your business deliver what your clients want. Click to find out how.

Residue-free Vine protection

Factcard: Residue-free Vine protection

Sustainable viticulture is no longer a niche market, it's an essential part of any premium wine brand. Click to find out how our scientists are helping growers reduce the use of chemical controls for pest and disease, saving time, money and the vineyard environment.

The Wakefield Raspberry

Factcard: The Wakefield Raspberry

'Wakefield' is a new red raspberry cultivar with improved disease resistance and firm fruit perfect for the machine harvest. Click to find out more.

Mechanical Thinning

Factcard: Mechanical Thinning

Our science is helping growers to optimise vineyard productivity while reducing inputs. Click to find out more aboutour mechanical thinning trials.

Potato Breeding

Factcard: Potato Breeding

Our research has supported the potato industry for more than 80 years. Click to find out how.

Psa Research

Factcard: Psa Research

Plant & Food Research is working alongside the kiwifruit industry to minimise the impact of Psa and to ensure the industry remains sustainable in the future. Click to see how.

Clinical Trials

Factcard: Clinical Trials

Consumers want to know their food choices deliver the benefits they are promised. Our science can deliver the evidence to help prove benefit claims and ensure new functional foods meet regulatory requirements. Click to find out more.

Growing Futures - Optimising vineyard yield

Factcard: Growing Futures - Optimising vineyard yield

Our research, supported by New Zealand Winegrowers, allows growers to predict winegrape yield and thin their vines to make sure they can harvest the exact amount required. This in turn gives each grape the right amount of space to mature and develop the classic New Zealand Sauvignon blanc flavours.

Micro-Delivery Gas Control

Factcard: Micro-Delivery Gas Control

Our patented sustained release valve is capable of moderating the delivery rate of a compressed gas in very small amounts (mg/hr). Using a patented valve technology the device ensures continuous release of target gas at a specified rate over time.

Plant & Food Research - English-Chinese

Factcard: Plant & Food Research - English-Chinese

Plant & Food Research is involved in research all over the world. This factcard provides a general overview of the company along with a Chinese translation.

Food Composition Database

Factcard: Food Composition Database

Consumers want to be sure that what they're eating has the nutrition they need, while health experts want to be sure they're saying the right thing when it comes to food choices. A comprehensive Food Composition Database can help everyone make the best decisions

Scientifically Designed Functional Fruit Beverages

Factcard: Scientifically Designed Functional Fruit Beverages

Our science has shown that anthocyanins extracted from New Zealand grown blackcurrants offer potential beneficial effects, particularly in the areas of muscle recovery and inflammation. Our researchers have combined this knowledge with an understanding of consumer preferences to develop a new functional drink that can support physical recovery.

High Quality Forage Crops

Factcard: High Quality Forage Crops

Plant & Food Research, together with partners Agricom Seeds breed barley, triticale and oat forage cultivars with increased disease resistance, higher dry matter production and quality to provide supplementary feed for our animal-based farming systems.

Growing Futures - Cereal Breeding

Factcard: Growing Futures - Cereal Breeding

Since the 1990s, our cereal breeding programme with Luisetti Seeds has released 12 new cultivars that are more resilient to New Zealand growing conditions. Their improved resistance to local pests and diseases also means they require fewer pesticides and have a longer life span in the market.

Growing Futures - Functional Foods

Factcard: Growing Futures - Functional Foods

Our scientists have shown that New Zealand-grown blackcurrants offer potential beneficial effects and that some varieties have higher concentrations of compounds thought to be good for health.

Growing Futures - Using sex to protect export markets

Factcard: Growing Futures - Using sex to protect export markets

Our scientists have identified the natural chemicals released by the females of key insect species to attract their mates. By combining them into a single dispenser, these chemicals can be released into an orchard to confuse the males of multiple pest species and stop them finding their future spouse.

Growing Futures - Adding value to hoki

Factcard: Growing Futures - Adding value to hoki

Our research is taking the skins of hoki, a by-product of the seafood industry, and extracting the intact collagen for use in industrial biomaterials, including electrospinning into nanofibres used in the air filters of home ventilation systems.

Join Us!

Factcard: Join Us!

Our science delivers new plant and seafood-based foods, beverages and ingredients from environmentally and economically sustainable production systems.

Kiwiberry - The bite-sized kiwifruit

Factcard: Kiwiberry - The bite-sized kiwifruit

Kiwiberry is a species of kiwifruit that produces small, sweet fruit with edible skins designed to meet the convenience needs of today�s consumers while still delivering the same great taste and nutrition.

Korero Mai

Factcard: Korero Mai

Meet our Maori Business Managers, Alby Marsh and Richard Hunter.

Te Kete Ahumara

Factcard: Te Kete Ahumara

Te Kete Ahumara is a new website created to provide a comprehensive information directory for both established and new Maori businesses involved in food production.

Cereal Grains Breeding

Factcard: Cereal Grains Breeding

Purpose-bred and selected cultivars tailored to New Zealand growing conditions

Summerfruit Breeding

Factcard: Summerfruit Breeding

Our summerfruit breeding programme is delivering consumers new and novel tastes and textures while ensuring cultivars meet and exceed the production needs of growers. Click to find out how!

Sustainable Land Use Research Initiative

Factcard: Sustainable Land Use Research Initiative

SLURI is a collaborative research programme between Plant & Food Research, Landcare Research and AgResearch. It works with key stakeholders and other research organisations to conduct research on the sustainable management and use of soil resources, and develops new tools for regulators and land managers.

Postharvest Science

Factcard: Postharvest Science

Our science works to optimise the value of fruit and vegetable crops worldwide by developing systems and technologies that ensure premium quality and presentation are maintained throughout the cool chain.

Molecular Biology

Factcard: Molecular Biology

Identifying the genetic variants controlling the perception of flavour is just one of the ways we're using molecular biology to support innovation for the plant and marine-based food industries. Click to find out more.

Land Use Change & Intensification

Factcard: Land Use Change & Intensification

Enabling land users and policy makers to better assess and manage impacts associated with land use change and intensification on agricultural productivity and the environment.

Growing Futures - Predicting Grape Yield

Factcard: Growing Futures - Predicting Grape Yield

Grape production can vary by 50% year on year; however, estimating the volume of wine for sale on an annual basis can allow the industry to fine-tune its production and marketing efforts to maximise profitability.

Growing Futures - Wildfish Harvesting

Factcard: Growing Futures - Wildfish Harvesting

The Modular Harvesting System (MHS) is a prototype system that uses an understanding of the physical, physiological and behavioural aspects of fish to target specific species and fish sizes, as well as enabling fish to be landed alive and undamaged.

Growing Futures - The Tomato-Potato Psyllid

Factcard: Growing Futures - The Tomato-Potato Psyllid

The tomato-potato psyllid, an insect pest that can carry a disease-causing bacterium, was discovered in New Zealand in 2006 and has since spread across the entire country. Our science is saving growers more than $1 million p.a. Click to find our how.

Growing Futures - VitalVegetables

Factcard: Growing Futures - VitalVegetables

Our research has identified vegetable cultivars with the optimal concentrations of nutrients known to be good for health, and the best way to grow, harvest and store these vegetables to maintain these nutrients through to the consumer. These products are now available in supermarkets under the vitalvegetables® brand.

Growing Futures - Feeding Livestock

Factcard: Growing Futures - Feeding Livestock

Forage Innovations Limited (FIL), a joint venture between Plant & Food Research and PGG Wrightson Seeds, is the largest dedicated forage brassica breeding company in the world.

Plant & Food Research - English-Japanese

Factcard: Plant & Food Research - English-Japanese

Plant & Food Research is involved in research all over the world. This factcard provides a general overview of the company along with a Japanese translation.

Sensory Science

Factcard: Sensory Science

Our knowledge of human senses and consumer behaviour informs research to support successful new product development and market expansion. Click to find out how.

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