Plant & Food Research receives funding from four major sources – commercial contracts, contestable government funding, the Core Funding from the New Zealand government and commercialisation activities such as royalties.

Our most significant sources of contestable funding are the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (the administrators of the New Zealand government's science and technology investment), the Ministry of Primary Industry's Sustainable Farming Fund, the International Science & Technology Linkages Fund and the European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Through this funding, we also have a number of co-funded research projects with commercial partners, Universities and other Crown Research Institutes.

Plant & Food Research works closely with industry bodies, such as Horticulture New Zealand, MPI Biosecurity and Horticulture Australia Limited, to identify and develop research programmes applicable across the horticultural industry. In addition, we are a major research provider to sector and grower organisations in New Zealand and internationally.

We provide research services for a number of scientific and commercial partners, on a fee-for-service basis or through collaborative agreements. We also receive royalties and licensing fees through the commercialisation of our science, such as proprietary cultivars and other IP.

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