Our Full Record

Projects we have been involved with include:

Cambodia CODES  (NZ Aid Programme, 2014-19) Commercialisation and strengthening of horticulture in NW Cambodia

Viet Nam Dragonfruit (NZ Aid Programme, 2013-18) Sustainable and equitable economic development through the development and commercialisation of high-value fruit that meet market requirements

Kenya Avocado (NZ Aid Programme, 2013-18) Support sustainable economic development of the agricultural sector in Kenya through enhancing sustainable horticultural production and postharvest systems, increasing the capability and income security of smallholder farmers and enhancing horticultural research and extension capability to support the industry. [Media Release]

Cambodia CADF (NZ Aid Programme, 2012-13 iDE Vegetable Agronomist Consultancy, 2011 Tropical Agronomist Training Consultancy) Sustainable improvement of agribusiness in NW Cambodia

Mekong Institute (2013 Good Agricultural Practices GAP Consultancy)

Nepal Forage (NZ Aid Programme/FAO, 2003-11) Developing sustainable animal fodder systems to improve house incomes. [VIDEO]

Viet Nam (Australian Collaboration for Agriculture and Rural Development CARD- AusAID programme 2005-2007) Improved rural livelihoods through the implementation of sustainable production practices for smallholders, increased capability to provide technical support and facilitate group training programmes

Tonga Plant Protection (NZ Aid Programme, 2004) Plant protection and training on pest and disease recognition , control and safe pesticide handling

Tonga CROPPRO (NZ Aid Programme, 2001-04)  Development of integrated farming approaches for sustainable crop production in environmentally constrained systems in the Pacific region

Samoa Plant Protection (Samoa Ministry of Agriculture, 2001-03)  Mentoring/training of Samoan plant protection staff

PNG/Samoa (AusAID/ACIAR/NZ Aid Programme, 1999-2002) Integrated programme of breeding of resistance to taro leaf blight

Vanuata/New Caledonia (CIRAD France, 2002) Analysis of prospects for commercial fruit and vegetable production in Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Tonga/ Samoa (CIRAD France, 1999) Study of Fruit Production in Tonga and Samoa

Cook Is/Tonga/Samoa (NZ Aid Programme, 1991-98) Design, implementation and certification of heat treatment of fresh produce for market access

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