Our Projects

New Zealand has a long history of successfully exporting premium horticultural products to high value markets throughout the world. A major contributor to this success is the sophisticated R&D that underpins the sector, helping growers produce high quality sustainably grown fruit and vegetables that store well and maintain their premium condition right through to the consumer.

Our International Development Team are now applying these skills and experience to support growers and farmers in emerging economies to increase their crop productivity and in doing so are transforming the lives of people around the world.

We are working with Governmental Aid Programmes, Philanthropic Trusts, International Research Partners and New Zealand business to help train and upskill local growers, farmers, nursery staff, pack-house operators, research institutes, marketers and more to add value to emerging enterprises.

Recent examples of this work include:

  • Working with small scale avocado growers in Kenya alongside New Zealand company, Olivado.
  • Supporting the commercialisation and strengthening of horticulture in NW Cambodia.
  • Partnering with local scientists in Viet Nam from the Southern Horticultural Research Institute (SOFRI) and the Sub-Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Postharvest Technology (SIAEP) on dragonfruit breeding and commercialisaton
  • Helping improving household income for rural families in Nepal.
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