Visiting our Sites

All visitors

Plant & Food Research hosts a number of visitors each year. If you wish to visit us, please contact staff working in your field to discuss this. If the visit is agreed, you will be sent a formal letter of invitation.

If there are there any papers or contracts that any academic, employing, funding or sponsoring organisation requires Plant & Food Research to sign in relation to a visit, please ensure that these documents are sent to us in time to be agreed before the visit commences.

Site safety and security

Plant & Food Research is committed to fulfilling its legal requirements under the Health and Safety in Employment Act and other pertinent regulations. It is a condition of admission to any of our sites that you obey any signs or instructions and do not impair the safety and welfare of any person on-site. If you see any process or practice which you consider unsafe, we encourage you to report it to your host or reception.

If you have an accident on the site, please report it immediately to your host or reception who will ensure that First Aid is made available and that our accident reporting procedures are followed.

All sites are equipped with fire alarm systems. A CONTINUOUS sounding alarm indicates that you are to evacuate the building immediately by the nearest exit. Do not spend time collecting belongings. Once outside the building assemble with other members of staff for a roll-call and further instructions.

If an earthquake occurs, shelter under a desk, bench or table or stand in a doorway, and hold on. When the shaking stops do not go outside - wait for instruction from the fire warden.

You must drink and eat only in designated areas, such as the cafeteria. You must not eat or drink in laboratories or workshops under any circumstances. Smoking is not permitted anywhere indoors.

Compliance with these simple rules will assist us in maintaining high standards of safety.

It is an absolute condition of admission to the site that you agree to keep confidential any information which you obtain while you are here, except to the extent and for the purpose agreed with Plant & Food Research.

Day visitors

If you will be visiting us for less than 3 days and not participating in any research work, you will be asked to sign in on arrival and you will be given a visitor's tag by one of our receptionists. Please wear your visitor's tag where it is clearly visible, and return it to the receptionist when you sign out on departure.

Longer-term visitors

There are some administrative procedures that need to be followed by all visitors undertaking collaborative activity, whether visiting students or scientists, from within New Zealand or overseas.

Visitors intending to bring any biological material with them for research purpose must discuss this with their host/supervisor to ensure that the laboratory you will be working in is approved for research on this material. If you are bringing this material from overseas, you must also contact the Ministry for Primary Industries to check requirements and obtain any necessary permits well before arrival. New Zealand is an island nation free of many of the pest and diseases present in other countries, and we have strict Biosecurity procedures to prevent the introduction of potential risk organisms.

If you currently reside overseas, New Zealand law requires you to be eligible to work in New Zealand, even if we are not paying you. We will need proof of your eligibility to work, such as work permit or student visa with appropriate variation, New Zealand residency or New Zealand passport. Please check the Immigration Department website to ensure you obtain the correct permit / visa.

If you are visiting as a post-doctoral scientist or as a post graduate student who is funded or supervised by us, you will be sent other forms to complete.

Completed forms should be either scanned and sent to or mailed to:

Visitor Administrator
Human Resources
Plant & Food Research
Private Bag 92 169
Auckland 1142
New Zealand

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