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How we deliver

Sustainably produced wines with distinctive flavours

Premium wine must address the expectations of the most discerning buyer. Consumers are now demanding not only excellent quality and flavour, but also that the wine they purchase has been produced using the most sustainable practices.

Plant & Food Research is conducting research that supports the optimisation of vineyard yield and maximises wine quality. Our scientists are developing tools to assist in vineyard management and investigating the impact of vineyard practices on wine flavour and quality. Our sensory and consumer research is building a better understanding of flavour and aroma perception as well as consumer purchase behaviour. This research supports the wine industry in understanding consumer decisions and in developing new wine styles tailored to meet the demands of existing and emerging markets.

Our research into pests and diseases supports the development of tools that optimise biological controls and reduce the requirement for chemical pesticides through the development of pest monitoring protocols and disease risk models for targeted chemical control use when required. We are also developing tools that improve the sustainability of vineyards by optimising the use of nutrients, irrigation and agrichemicals.