Growing Futures

How we deliver

Sustainably produced seafood and marine-based products

Consumers of high-value seafood products demand the highest standards in quality from sustainably harvested fisheries. Ensuring quality is maintained from capture to the consumer is vital in preserving consumer trust in seafood products and the sustainable success of the industry.

Plant & Food Research is delivering new capabilities to the seafood industry to secure higher percentages of target catch and ensuring that each catch reaches the ship in the best possible condition. We are also developing new processing and preservation technologies to enhance the quality, safety and storage characteristics of seafood products. Our research is improving market access and export returns by ensuring products surpass regulatory requirements with sufficient shelf life to reach international markets in premium condition.

Our research is also using by-products from the catch and identifying, extracting, purifying and modifying biochemical compounds for use in food, nutraceutical and biomaterials applications to create new added-value marine-based products. Our Pilot Plant allows us to develop real products from our research and demonstrate efficient, smart green processes on a large scale, ready for transfer to our industry partners.