Growing Futures

How we deliver

Crops with improved production and end-use traits

There is increasing demand from premium consumers for foods tailored to their lifestyle and personal preferences. Cereal grains with novel characteristics – such as low gluten or high protein – can offer substantial benefits for the food industry in the development of new, innovative products with increased consumer appeal.

Plant & Food Research breeds new cereal cultivars with improved agronomic traits – including resistance to pest and disease and higher yields – as well as characteristics of importance to the food industry – such as good milling quality and improved dough properties. We also use our knowledge of food digestion and nutrition to develop new cultivars for use in foods with added convenience for consumers. Feeding livestock is also a key target for our arable breeding programme, , focusing on novel cereal, pea and brassica cultivars with improved nutritional qualities.

Our integrated production systems allow growers to make decisions that maximise the profitability of their farms and reduce their environmental footprints. New tools and technologies ensure soil health is maintained and chemical inputs – including water, nitrogen and carbon – are optimised.